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Who We Are

Just over ten years ago Sarah and Nicki joined forces and created a dream team that their former charges would proudly introduce as “The Nannies”

With resumes that boast a combined 30+ years of professional nanny experience, working for some of the most exclusive families including fortune 50 CEOs, celebrities, philanthropists, and athletes, The Nannies bring expertise and an understanding of clients' needs and expectations to each matchmaking job they accept. This depth of knowledge can only be gained through long term, direct, intimate, experience on the job. The Nannies' innovation and dedication offers the premier approach to full-time, full service child care.  

Born and raised on the coast of Southern California, both Nicki and Sarah have a deep love for the ocean, mountains, and travel. Having seen the world through both business and pleasure endeavors, The Nannies have decades of travel experience from which they've gained expertise in packing, planning adventures, organizing schedules, and organizing households, all of which they pass on to the candidates they choose to represent.


New moms themselves, Nicki and Sarah love calling Southern California home and helping families find their own dream team of nannies.
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