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The Nannies

We are a boutique agency that specializes in creating superstar tandem nanny teams that provide our clients with fully flexible, 24/7, on-call coverage.

Our innovative approach to scheduling, alternating week on/week off shifts allows our nannies to dedicate themselves fully to their job during their "on" weeks. This provides child care whenever, wherever, and however our clients need, Demands such as unexpected late nights, early mornings, or last minute trips out of town with or with out the family, are always covered, stress free, by our professional child care support teams. An added plus to this approach is that it encourages longevity of the nannies in their positions.

Our nannies come fully equipped with a master plan for success including personalized manuals, checklists, practices, and communication methods developed through our 25+ years of experience, so that our clients' households can run seamlessly.   

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